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Draw images in a cell column depending on its value


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Hi all, I'm trying to draw images in a column, depending the value of a cell. I don't have a client dataset, but a uniDBGrid, a datasource and a TAdoquery. I want reproduce something as shown in attached pictures (see column 'Stato').



Is possible to do do something similar with Unigui?


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Hello Marco, can you post your code here? I have the same requirement.


1. add a calculated field of type string and f.e. size 80. If you have a field "aktiv" with type integer name the new field "calc_aktiv" or what you like.


2. In the OnGetText event of this new field manage the HTML-output for the image:


procedure TDataModule1.Query_KontaktListcalc_aktivGetText(Sender: TField;

  var Text: string; DisplayText: Boolean);


  with sender.Dataset do begin

    case fieldbyname('aktiv').value of

       0: text:= '<img width=16 height=16 src="/images/res_red.bmp"/>';

       1: text:= '<img width=16 height=16 src="/images/res_green.bmp"/>';





3. Add a column to your grid with the field "calc_aktiv".

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