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Help with two things - how to?


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I try to do some thing but I cant. I need some ideas how to do :


1. Set browser full screen when app is loaded?

2. Prevent load application from beninig when relaod page in browser (I make login from one of demo on this site, but every time I reload web page in browser I get login again)?



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Question 1 : sorry i don't have the solution

Question 2 : i don't have the code but i think it has to do with the MainForm.OnActivate or MainForm.OnCreate.
                    Normally i create a main menu with the option : LogIn, Log Out
                    So the use can select what he needs. When choosing Log In then a login screen appears and
                    after a successfull login the 'Log In' option will be disabled till he logs out


Regards Peter

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2. Put the code in UniServerModule.CustomMeta  ,   to confirm reload , close ,refresh the browser 


<script language="JavaScript">
window.onbeforeunload = bunload;

function bunload(){
dontleave="Are you sure you want to leave the system? The system will Terminate!";
return dontleave;


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