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How to translate GridGrouping Message in uniDbGrid to other language?

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Development Environment:

Windows 7 Pro -  Chinese Simplified Locale

Delphi XE3 Enterprise - 32/64 bit

Browser Chrome version: 26.0.1410.5 dev-m

uniGUI version:


UNIGUI Demo : GridGroupingSummary


I want  translate :


"Group by this field" and "Show in groups"  (see attached image)


 to other language, How do I ?


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1) Change ServerModule.ExtLocale := [your lang]: ( for  example:  ServerModule.ExtLocale := fa )

2) Go to [ \uniGUI\ext-4.1.1a\locale\ ] folder and find you lang locale file: ( for example: ext-lang-fa.js )

3) Add this section in end of file then save and refresh your browser.




    Ext.define("Ext.locale.fa.grid.feature.Grouping", { // <-- Change [fa] letters to your lang name
        override: "Ext.grid.feature.Grouping",
        emptyGroupText: "(None)",           // <-- You can change this text
        groupByText: "Group by this field", // <-- Change this text
        showGroupsText: "Show in groups"    // <-- Change this text




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hello, could you tell me where to get the demo GridGroupingSummary, can not find it within FMSOFT / demos
Thanks in advance





You can download last version of uniGUI from download tab
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