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uniDBGrid refresh bug after editing cell


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Development Environment:
Windows 7 Pro - Traditional Chinese (HKSAR) Locale
Delphi XE3 Enterprise - 32/64 bit
Browser Chrome version: 26.0.1410.5 dev-m

uniGUI version:


I've added below code in uniForm.OnCreate event to start edit when user press any key: (this works well with uniGUI version: 0.90, but it will not correct display edited content <Enter> been pressed)

  with UniDBGrid1 do
        'OnKeypress=function OnKeypress(e)'#13#10+
        '{ var me = '+JSName+','#13#10+
        '  pos  = me.getSelectionModel().getCurrentPosition(),'#13#10+
        '  chrCode = e.getCharCode(),'#13#10+
        '  record = me.store.getAt(pos.row),'#13#10+
        '  colname= me.columns[pos.column].dataIndex,'#13#10+
        '  xplugin = me.getPlugin("uniCellEditor"),'#13#10+
        '  char = String.fromCharCode(chrCode);'#13#10+
        '  record.beginEdit();'#13#10+
        '  record.set(colname, char);'#13#10+
        '  xplugin.startEditByPosition(pos);}');




Steps to reproduce (please refer to attached 4 screen shots):

1. Select a cell


2. Press 'ABCD' 


3. Press <Enter>, the just edited content ("ABCD") disappeared 


4. Press arrow down key or use mouse to click to another row, the just edited content ("ABCD") show up again! 



Test case:


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