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  1. Thanks a lot! Waiting for 0.97...
  2. Sorry, I am confused on your last two points: 13. Initial subscription will be for DCU version of framework only, but we will provide a free/low cost upgrade path when version with source code will be available within your subscription period. 14. In initial releases with source code we will only provide partial source code for components only. i.e. source code for units in uniGUIxx.bpl only. Full source code will be available when product will become more mature . So the initial subscription will include partial source code for components or just DCU version only? If the answer is later, can help to generate the import files of all uniGUI components for me (and other user using/planning to use TMS Scripter) by using the import tool from TMS Software (http://www.tmssoftwa.../ImportTool.zip)? Actually I'd asked this several times but never get your answer.
  3. How to prevent cursor moving into hidden columns?
  4. Hi Farshad Mohajeri, As I don't have the source of UniGUI, can you help to create UniGUI scripter library to use with TMS Scripter by use import tool which can be found in below URL? http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/scriptstudiopro.asp?s=#import or the direct download link http://www.tmssoftware.com/doc/Importtool.zip Thanks a lot!
  5. I am totally agreed, but I hope that UniGUI can be compatible with TMS Scripter.
  6. Will developer license including source code? I need the source code to generate scripter user lib to use with TMS Scripter.
  7. I am using below workaround: procedure TFormList1.UniDBGrid1AjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TStrings); begin if EventName='load' then UniDBGrid1.SetFocus; end;
  8. Hi, As UniGUI Framework is multi-threaded, I am afraid that you cannot build single thread application if you want to use it. I will suggest you migrate to fast reports, you can find example in this side.
  9. Hi, I find that was due to Crystal Report VCL cannot be used in multi-threaded application, if you go through CRDynamic.pas you will find: { Set openEngineType to PE_OE_MULTI_THREADED if user calls CRPE from } { a multi-threaded application. Once CRPE starts up in multi-threaded } { mode with PEOpenEngineEx, user should call PEOpenEngine or } { PEOpenEngineEx to initialize CRPE for every thread that makes CRPE } { API calls. } { } { Using PEOpenEngine () to start up CRPE, by default CRPE is in } { single-threaded mode. } However, in implementation part of PEOpenEngineEx, you will find: {------------------------------------------------------------------------------} { PEOpenEngineEx function } { - Not fully implemented in CRPE yet... } {------------------------------------------------------------------------------} So Crystal Report VCL cannot be used under Multi-Threaded Applicaiton!
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