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User inactivity timeout


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I inquired about this a while back and at the time could not find a solution. I need to be able to logout/ terminate a user session after it has been inactive for a given amount of time..ie. 5 minutes. Has anyone been able to achieve this?


Thank you!

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I manage to do it...


1. create a .js file with this content:


var sessionTimeout = 11;//in seconds
var sesioncounter = 11;

function DisplaySessionTimeout()
           sesioncounter = sesioncounter - 1;

           if (sesioncounter >= 0)
               window.setTimeout("DisplaySessionTimeout()", 1000);				
              window.location = "http://www.google.com";//in timeout redirect to google


2. attach the file to "servermodule":



3. add this code to every form (ClientEvents--> UniEvents --> OnAjaxRequest):



That is it... give it a try <_<


Maybe there is more efficient way, but for now it's working good for me... :rolleyes:

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