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For some reason I am not able to display any query results on a grid or db labels even using simple strings such as

SELECT * FROM ORDERS. I am able to connect my data sources to tables and get data from any table, but not a query.

I do not get any error from trying to run my queries, just no results.


Is there something special that need to be done with queries?





BTY Happy New Year to all. May 2013 be a good year for you.

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Hi John


Well...for tables and queries it's basicly the same.

I don't know which components you are using but often you

need a Connection component where you can enter the:

- usernamae

- password

- database

- host


A query component is connected to the connection component

A datasource component has a link to a dataset (query component)


First make the connection component ACTIVE

Second maken the query componant ACTIVE


Right click on a query component and use the Field Editor to

add the database fields so you can choose them in a dbgrid.


Regards Peter

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