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Delay opening tables from other datamodules


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I'm rebuilding a large Win32 application in UniGui...large because there are about 120 tables

and 140 forms. I use lot's of datamodules to keep queries/tables together from some kind of 'function'.



There's a datamodule dmMAIN the MyConnection component (DevArt MyDAC)

There's a datamodule dmTYPES with 5 tables called TyDocument, TypeRder, TypePayment, TypeRoom, TypeEvent

There's a datamodule dmGEO with 2 tables/queries GeoCity, GeoCountry

There;s a datamodule dmCONTACT with 3 tables ContactCrew, ContactGuest, ContactArtist


The database connection will be set in the dmMMAIN.OnCreate event....which works normally


Normally i open the queries in a form when i need them. So there a form called CREW

and i have to open dmCONTACT.Crew, dmTYPES.TypeDocument, dmTYPES.TypePayment, dmGEO.City, dmGEO.Country.

Some queries are only used for lookup information


When i start the apps in VLC mode and open the form the tables are directly openend and the

DBnavigator buttons are enabled


When i run the apps in WEB mode (local) there's a delay from 8-12 seconds before the DBnavigator

buttons are enabled and i can enter/create a new record


When i have a form where i open only 1 query then the DBnavigator buttons a directly enabled.


What causes this problem or do i have to choose a other approach ?


Because of design i need to use the latest 0.89 version. Reason is the design issue with

the UniDBEdit HEIGHT. The height from this component is not the same as from the other

components and it can't be modified. I know it;s a Ext JS issue.


Regards Peter

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Hi Ronak


Thanks for the example...this works and is a good idea/solution for some

of the tables. There are also 'lookup' tables which contains about 6000 records (cities)

where i can't use it.


I looked a little bit further on the database server and i saw that a couple of the

MySQL tables where MYISAM instead of INNODB...and after changing them there was a

performance improvement which can be enough and acceptable.


Regards Peter

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