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DBGRID auto scrolls to FOCUSED row


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DBGrid just decides to scroll the FOCUSED cell into view for a grid with more rows than can be displayed at once. EVEN THOUGH i had scrolled the vertical scroll bar so that the FOCUSED row has been scrolled out of view.


Go to your demo on the uniGUI.COM website

then pick desktop demo

then open up the "Grids" tree section of the demo

then pick "Cell Editors". Doesn't really matter which example you pick. I picked cell editors because it has LOTS of rows (more than are visible). That is the key.

Now, in order to replicate the problem/bug/annoyance, follow these steps...

1. CLICK/FOCUS a cell on the top row (could be any row)

2. Scroll grid so that that top row scrolls up and out of view. Scroll with mouse wheel OR the VERTICAL scroll bar.

BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO CLICK ANYWHERE ELSE ON THE FORM cause that cell you focused in step 1 will lose focus. We don't want the cell to lose FOCUS.

3. Click once on your desktop(windows) so that the browser loses focus. Don't worry if you click on an icon since you are not double-clicking. If you have many programs running at once, i suppose you could click on NOTEPAD too. Doesn't matter, we just need the browser to LOSE FOCUS.

4. Now be careful to click on the browser (but not inside the displayed web page.


If you click in the red area, you will be safe. It's unused space on the title bar of most browsers.

You will notice that the cell you FOCUSED on step 1 has now SCROLLED BACK INTO VIEW.

NOTE: This auto scrolling occurs in a variety of other ways too. It's not just defocusing the browser and then refocusing the browser.

TO me that seems bad and dumb, because I didn't tell the grid to change my vertical positioning.

I hope this is an issue with unigui and not the sencha stuff.




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