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Server unavailable, please try later’


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'Server unavailable, please try later' dialog box prompt appears often in my program.

1.In fact, the server is running still running.

2.The client browser need to wait for a while......

3.And then the error dialog box appears.

4.Click the OK button of the dialog box Or wait a few seconds, the program can continue to run and the dialog box disappears.

4.Users feel bad about this.


Is there a way to minimize this error message, or is shielded, Or display a UniScreenMask for the process,Because the program of the server side of is in the running and after few seconds everything is fine......

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I checked the log file and found this prompt


00000D24: 10:33:53 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

00000D04: 11:34:38 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

00000410: 11:34:38 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

00000F0C: 11:37:42 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

00000F58: 11:42:28 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

000008A4: 11:42:28 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

000001F0: 11:42:28 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

0000021C: 11:42:28 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

00000E4C: 11:42:28 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.

000004B8: 11:42:28 [indy]:EIdConnClosedGracefully : Connection Closed Gracefully.


'Server unavailable, please try later' error log file does not have a new record on this......

Do not know how to deal with.

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