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QuickStart / Where do I start?


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Right now, there isnt much.. but In 2 days, I finished my app.. took me just a few hours to get up and running with the demos. Biggest thing to watch out for is


1. Dont use Global vars.

2. Watch out how messageDLG is used.. Its a different concept, see the sample code on how they are used.. Other than that, its pretty easy

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Not only MesageDlg, but every other call that stops execution in VCL delphi (ShowMessage, ShowModal, etc) won't pause in UniGUI, so the code like


if MyForm.ShowModal = mrOk then begin
 // do something

will show a form, but won't wait for a ModalResult and just continue, so "do something" will never be executed. If you want to run a code according to ModalResult, use OnClose event of that form. It is the biggest difference with UniGUI and what caused almost a half of "bug" reports on forum in the past.

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