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  1. Yes, that was the problem, thanks!
  2. I'm using Windows 8.1 64 bit with latest UniGUI Build 1399. I created a simple ISAPI module. When I compile in Delphi XE8 as a 32 bit target, then the dll runs perfectly using http://localhost/mywebapps/uniproject1_32.dll But as soon as I compile the dll as a 64 bit target, then I get an error in all of my browsers: HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error Please help, thanks
  3. Yes, I did install 3rd party components. Right clicking over "Target Platform" and selecting "Add Platform..." allowed me to add 64 bit Windows as target. Then I also checked the checkbox to make 64 bit the active platform and now everything works. Problem solved. Thanks.
  4. I have just installed Delphi 10.1 Berlin update 2 and I made very sure that I installed 64 bit, but same story. The only target that's available is Windows 32 bit.
  5. Same story. So the problem is with my Delphi XE8? This PC is running WIndows 10 - 64bit. So how can I fix my XE8? Thanks for any help.
  6. This is with 64 bit Windows 10. Even if I delete the dproj file and then opens the Project again in XE8, then there is only two targets available: 32 bit Windows and IOS Device 64 bit. How can I set or add 64 bit Windows as target?
  7. @All I'm using uniGUI with Delphi XE8. Within XE8 I select File, New, Other. Then select uniGUI for Delphi and select Application Wizard. Then select ISAPI Module. Press 'Yes' to enable "Visual Component Library" Now I have Project1 with a MainForm that I want to compile. But only Target Platform available is 32 bit Windows. It compiles without problem for 32bit target but I need 64bit target. QUESTION1: How can I set 64 bit target? Why is 64bit target not available by default? I did it the following way, but I'm sure there should be an easier w
  8. Ok, so I got uniGUI to work with an ISAPI dll. I have to say, Farshad, you have done an excellent job and must be a very good programmer! But, if it wasn't for the video by Lema on 'How to deploy on IIS7', then I probably still would have struggled. I suggest that you include a link to that video in the Documentation as well as all information displayed in that video which is not in the Deployment manual. That will make it just so much easier for newbies like myself to get up and running on your wonderful product. Thanks.
  9. Ok, I found the ISAPI extensions below the Application Development features and it was turned off. Now turned on. Where is this important step described in the Deployment manual?
  10. Farshad How do I add the ISAPI Extension to the Windows Features or make sure that it is already added?
  11. I tried again on another computer with Windows 7 and exactly the same, there is no ISAPI-dll line in the Handler Mappings
  12. Hi I'm using IIS Manager in Windows 10. I'm following the Deployment Guide for IIS 7 but when I get to the Handler Mappings, then I have no ISAPI-dll line to right click on as per the manual. Please help.
  13. WildFrag, abaksoft Thanks, sounds good! Can someone point me to a link that summarizes the steps I need to take to get uniGUI to run on my AWS server? The Developers Guide (uniGUI.pdf) is a bit vague. It says: "Make sure entered email address is same as email address registered in customer portal". Which customer portal, where? No links provided in user guide? Thanks in advance for any help.
  14. @All I'm new to uniGUI. I would like to use uniGUI on a sever housed with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Is there anything that may prevent me from doing so or anything that I should know? Thanks in advance.
  15. I would like to use uniGUI on a sever housed with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Is there anything that may prevent me from doing so or anything that I should know? Thanks in advance.
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