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Terminate / Scrollbars


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We would like to use in replacement for INIGUI Intraweb.

Logically, come many questions. Some can not be solved alone.


Terminate UniApplication:

We can stop the application after calling a URL (Intraweb WebApplication.Terminate .. (url));



Runs the application in windowed mode in the browser, no scrollbar is displayed.

How do you manage that?


Thank You Kurti

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Terminate UniApplication:



and you can redirect your browser to an url like this:


Put this code in ServerModule, TerminateTemplate option.


<script type="text/javascript">


window.location = "http://somethinghere.html"




Thank you .. But how? .. I've been looking everywhere to install javascript.

Client events in the MainForm do not respond to such OnClose, etc.


where can I find the 'Servermodule, TerminateTemplate option' I seem to be blind :-)


Greeting Kurti

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It means that it will be fixed in one of the next releases. However, it is not a bug. Current behavior is by design and I will decide whether to change it or not.



OK Thank you

already known when it will be a new beta release? - and - when there will be a release to buy ?

there are already components manufacturer?


we can - for example - JavaScript menus (such as Intraweb on the HTML template) integrate ?


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