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>= 2 times afterscroll event for uniGrid happen again


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Hi Farshad Mohajeri,


It will trigger 2/>=2 times afterscroll event for uniGrid happen again!


wheh 1st open dataset, trigger 2 afterscroll event!

when reassign dataset to grid, also trigger 2 afterscroll event!

when filtered dataset, also trigger 2 afterscroll event!


summary: when dataset record count change, all will trigger 2 afterscroll event.


the problem is solve one period, today I test my project and see the log, found rehappened.


will see others in this forums


Unigui Version:

Delphi Version: XE


Attach the project to test(include 1st open/reopen/filtered trigger)


Many thanks for you.

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It is by design and not a bug. There should be no problem for any particular app if there is one or if there are N number of scroll events.


I recommend you to redesign your app so it can cope with N number of scrolls. You shouldn't take default VCL behavior as reference when designing your web app.

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Whether have some improvement of the unigrid ?

I remove datasource's dataset to separate unigrid, thd behavior is correct!


Because it trigger in unigui core framework, and really what can I start...

and this event is so important in all source, and...


It seems I have to think of a way to do...

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My web app is relatively complex, it contain 7 tables in one ui,

and is master--detail--detail structure!


In my case, when locate record, the step is trigger the correct key record, the cursor is correct,

then will go on to core unigui framework, 2nd trigger afterscroll by the first record in grid

(this step, I do not anything, because it should not to be trigger )


attach file is share app ui for reference.


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