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How to make a sign paper system?

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User1 can take a photo or select a picture from his mobile phone,

then He upload the image to the server,

and he need user2 to sign his name on the picture.


User2 see the picture ,

when click the picture,top=x,left=y,

the system display show a drawboard,

user2 sign his name then click save button,

then user1's picture have users's signature in the picture.(top=x ,left=y).


what I need is how to sign a name in a picture or a pdf file?

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I did something like that, but in c ++.

I used this function, I don't know how to pass it to Delphi. (I only use delphi with Unigui)


void TfrmEntrada::SemiTransparent(Graphics::TBitmap* dst, int x, int y, Graphics::TBitmap* src, BYTE op=50)
        ZeroMemory(&bf, sizeof(bf));
        bf.BlendOp = AC_SRC_OVER;
        bf.SourceConstantAlpha = MulDiv(op, 255, 100);
        ::AlphaBlend(dst->Canvas->Handle, x, y, src->Width, src->Height,src->Canvas->Handle, 0, 0, src->Width, src->Height, bf);


SemiTransparent(Imagen, EtiquetaPosX, EtiquetaPosY, ImagenEtiquetaVirtual, 99);

The problem is that you work with jpg and there is no transparent channel, so the signature will leave you with a white box.

I do not know if it will serve as an idea

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