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  1. frios

    Are you more than 40 years old?

    55 years old But I develop with C ++, I only work with Delphi for UniGui. I sincerely believe that Embarcadero is Delphi's killer. It is a great tool, but the license is very expensive for current alternatives, and the latest versions are very heavy. I think they keep up with the high prices that licenses have, but as we say in my country, that's bread for today and hunger for tomorrow. My first computer was an msx, but I learned a basic language with a Casio PB 100 in college, although at that time there were no computer studies, it was all on your own.
  2. frios

    UniCalendarPanel event height

    Hi It's possible to change the height of events spaces?? thanks Felix
  3. frios

    margin not desired in panel

    Thank you very much, effectively, like the main form is passing to two different environments, I had not taken into account for the alignment and had in client, when in the rest I have it in server.
  4. frios

    margin not desired in panel

    I don't know why, but suddenly the panels, or containerpanels, is the same, they have started to appear with some margins that I don't put anywhere. Any idea why it happens? attached image in design and execution thanks in advance
  5. frios

    Signature from mobile

    Thank you, From your message I have reached another, where there is an example, which I had already seen, but it did not work correctly. I suppose the versions of the library were not correct. I added a call to a function that was missing ... and to work. I enclose the corrected example in case it serves you. regards Felix mobile_sig_test.zip
  6. frios

    Post Callback in touch don't work

    Hello, thank you for your interest. The "HTTP Post Callback - Browser Window" demonstration in Desktop, replacing the components with the corresponding ones in Touch and not returns the value. Thanks HTTP Post Callback - Browser Window.zip
  7. I tried to make a Call Callback to a web page that brings me some data, and since the desktop version works very well, but from the mobile phone (touch) there is no way. Should we change something? or simply is not possible Until now I had not used the tactile version, and surprisingly I see that it has many shortcomings with respect to the desktop version, when I thought they would be quite similar. Thank you
  8. frios

    Signature from mobile

    Is there someone who know how to capture the signature from a mobile?? I've been trying to apply javascript libraries for several days, but, or d'ont work or I can not get them to communicate with Unigui to send them to database. I really need it. Any idea will be welcome. Thanks in advance
  9. frios

    Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined

    surely, but the client wants all the name in the tab and in the phones it is so long that it exceeds the screen :-(
  10. frios

    Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined

    Unigui version
  11. Hi In mobile app when I try to shorten the title of a message with the following code it gives me the error "Ajax error" Cannot set property 'innerHTML' of undefined Showmessage('Usuario y/o clave incorrecta'); UniSession.AddJS('Ext.select(".x-msgbox .x-innerhtml").elements[0].innerHTML = "CAYC"'); Any suggestions? thanks Felix
  12. frios

    Questions & Answers

    License adquired! thanks for a great job
  13. frios

    Questions & Answers

    Hello, I hope to buy the license in one or two days, but I have a question. With the license that I will pay now I will get to have the mobile version of Unigui? Or is still so far away that will not come in the year of licence. My work is only for one client and he need the mobile versión.
  14. frios

    uniGUI Mobile for Sencha Touch

  15. frios

    uniGUI Mobile for Sencha Touch

    If all delays have been for go to a high quality product (it really is!), it has been worth the wait. That said, I encourage you to release the commercial version when you can make it, we are waiting eagerly, and if it come with mobile application, it would round it!