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Custom Stand Alone Server


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How to create a "Custom Stand-Alone Server" ?


I created a Delphi project using a standard TForm... OK.

Then I used the TUniForm's and ServerModule / MainModule... OK


When I run the project, it works fine (on WebBrowser), but one session is started automatically when the program runs (in VCL mode - win32).


I would like that the project just runs on the web browser, and in the console (vcl/win32) just show a single standard TForm.


Any suggestions ?


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Try this:




Yes, I had already used this property, but using this the application automatically uses a tray icon and a pre-defined form with some info about the connections.


I would like to have my custom TForm without tray icon.

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I did the following:


1. Created a uniGUI project "VCL app/Standalone Server"

2. Added a new TForm.

3. Removed in project source the line that start the ServerModule, adding the line that create the default TForm.

4. Included in OnCreate of TForm(application main form) the line: "TUniServerModule.Create(Application);"

5. Set UniServerModule.StandAloneServer = True.



Until here, the application works fine as web server, but displaying the default tray icon and showing the form with uniGUI values.


To get rid of the Tray Icon and the form, i did: "uniguiservercp.ServerControlPanelForm.Free;"


It work's!

The application works as web server, with my personal Main Form.


But the problem is that the tray icon appears and disappears when the application runs.

Of course! It's because the "ServerControlPanelForm" being created and then immediately destroyed.


Would it have any way to prevent the creation of this panel?

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