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UniGui_ Blank Page on windows server 2016


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After upgrading from to   on Delphi 10.2.1

1- created a new standalone exe.

2- installed FMSoft_uniGUI_runtime_1.90.0.1495 on the New 2016 Windows server VM.


3- run Application Stand Alone New Exe on the server.


4- I got a blank page on the page.http://localhost:8088/server on both Firefox and old IE

when i used FMSoft_uniGUI_runtime_1.70.0.1485 with older exe on the same server everything is working perfectly

Please note that FMSoft_uniGUI_runtime_1.90.0.1495 working perfectly on another windows 10 machine with the new exe.

what is missing on the server?


1.70 Screen.jpg

1.90.0 Blan;.png

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hello abksoft

thank you for the reply, you are correct, I tested on another VM 2016 and it is working fine, but I can't find out what is wrong with this one, it was freshly installed, I tried restarting and reinstalling runtime but no luck

best regards


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here is an update in case anyone faced a similar issue

after I reinstalled another windows server 2016 VM I had the same issue with the new installation only for my application was not working but the demo was working fine,

I tracked the issue by making a new project and finally, I found out that the UnimainModule was the reason for this issue

I compared all settings in both modules but I found nothing different in the settings

finally, I copied all code and components from the original uniMainModule to the new one and then replaced the files in the original project and now is working fine.


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