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Found 8 results

  1. Searching the web I found this code for implementing video caching:- ' <script>'+ ' // -- Create a MediaSource and attach it to the video'+ ' const videoTag = document.getElementById("MyVideoTag");'+ ' const myMediaSource = new MediaSource();'+ ' const url = URL.createObjectURL(myMediaSource);'+ ' videoTag.src = url;'+ ' // 1. add source buffers'+ ' const audioSourceBuffer = myMediaSource.addSourceBuffer(''audio/mp4; codecs="mp4a.40.2"'');'+ ' const videoSourceBuffer = m
  2. == Eng-INT uniGui Does YouTube Player via API A simple example demonstrating how to use Youtube InFrame play but with itssimplest API to just control the video playback. More commands can be easily adapted for use in uniGUI using their controls natively. == PT-BR uniGui Does YouTube Player via API Um exemplo simples demonstrando como usar o Youtube mas com a sua API mais simples para apenas controlar a reprodução do video. Mais comando podem ser facilmente adaptados para uso no uniGUI usando nativamente os seus controles. More info. at https://www.unigui.com.br/democete
  3. Hello, I am creating set of components. Feel free to send me javascript libraries to make them an UniGUI component and add to this package. You can find good libraries from this web sites : https://www.javascripting.com http://www.bestjquery.com/ https://bestofjs.org/ https://awesomerepos.com/javascript # Changelog ## [10 Sep 2019] - UniOSPaypalButtons Link ## [11 Apr 2020] - UniWebCam and UniVideoPanel Link ## [09 Jul 2020] UniFlowChart and UnimBarcodeScanner Link ## [18 Aug 2020] UniQZ Link Please change this based on your
  4. gostaria de saber se alguém tem algum exemplo de carregamento de fotos e vídeos em minuaturas e quando clicar em exibir em tela cheia. Tipo um album de photos e videos? I would like to know if anyone has any examples of uploading photos and videos in thumbnails and when to click view in full screen. Like a photo and video album?
  5. Another from the series "All about..." All about a Login Form with a Background video Project Repository for a Initial Login Screen for desktop projects with background video and informative DIV and pause / play button. Adapted example from W3School (http://wwww.w3schools.com). Panel with Gradient in two colors and centralized shade to facilitate the definition of your login controls. Note that it is a borderless LoginForm and properly configured to work. Author: Fred Montier / Cetera Softwares 1- Open your IDE 2- Open the project in the Source folder and compile / e
  6. How to play video mp4 and add mime type. add in ServerModule ,but ... MimeTable.AddMimeType('mp4', 'vedio/mp4'); MimeTable.AddMimeType('flv', 'application/x-flash-vedio'); Thanks.
  7. Olá todos Fiz alguns pequenos vídeos e espero que possa ajudar os iniciantes como eu no uso desta ferramenta. Eles estão aqui: http://www.pontodeensino.com/index.php/blog Aceito sugestões, críticas e comentários, se gostarem divulgem. att Emiliano
  8. Olá Fiz um breve video mostrando o unigui, divulgem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbceBk892p8 grato fui...
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