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  1. BantuKumar

    UniDBGrid add new property to column

    I am just confirming if you have added under published section?
  2. BantuKumar

    change title chart

    This did not work for me? My code looks like This gives me JS error with message GetAt not a function. Any other workaround?
  3. BantuKumar

    VCL UniFrame as Container

    You can use TUniContainerPanel that is a simpler version and is what I guess you looking for. Thanks
  4. Hi I am planning to use Test Automation tool for regression testing on UniGUI forms. I was wondering if there is something that uniquely identifies the HTML element of UniGUI Form at run time and that will not change if there is any changes in corresponding Form. Very first thing that I thought of using is ID but I am not very sure about it. Can anyone suggest something or some workaround? Thanks.
  5. BantuKumar

    Alternative for Application.OnShowHint

    We are using uni- version.
  6. BantuKumar

    Can we use sprite image for setting icon of toolbar menus

    C:\Program Files (x86)\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext-\resources\themes\images\access\tools FMSoft itself uses few sprite image and you can see some examples of sprite images in above location Thanks.
  7. BantuKumar

    Can we use sprite image for setting icon of toolbar menus

    Okay, I will verify this again but what if I want to use image sprite? Is there a way to do so?
  8. Hi, I am struggling with a strange issue with TUniDBCombBox There is avDBComboBox on my form and a datasource is assigned to it, additionally I specify few items for dropdown manually at design time. Now here comes the issue when in case there are no records coming from datasource, then the combobox does not show items that I have manually added into it however if there are records coming from dataset, it shows union of the items. I was wondering if this is an expected behaviour. My expectation is to see my design time added items always in the dropdonw. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Is there any possibility that I can use image sprite to assign image icon to my buttons or toolbar menus. I want only one server trip to download icons for all my controls on the form. Initially I thought of UniImageList will do this for but no it does not. Imagelist generates multiple server trips to download images assigned to it. Can anyone suggest a resolution for my requirement! Thanks!
  10. BantuKumar


    Are you using ISAPI dll?
  11. BantuKumar

    How can assign editor to a grid column at design time?

    Got it from Demos folder. Thanks
  12. Hi I am trying to build a grid with multiple inline editors like memo, text, date time picker etc.. This form will behave as a base and will be inherited by many other child forms. I am unable to find a way to specify a value in UniDBGrid.Editor property? Can you explain a procedure to do so?? Thanks & Regards,
  13. After a long effort what we found is... Delphi was unable to do correct linking of files and classes if there are two or more files with same Frames/Forms name in a project. Frames name must be unique throughout a project to avoid class conflict. For me it is resolved !!
  14. I already tried following - Opened the Forms design view and saved it again but not worked. - Checked the DFM there no such property mentioned - I tried to just re-publish them .Add a published section in the Form and add them again for example: published property ClientWidth; property ClientHeight; It worked but after this I received the same error for Caption I did the same for Caption as well then I get the error for OldCreateOrder and it is not stopping so I am not sure if it is a right track to follow. Can you please help me with it? Thanks
  15. I am getting following error when I try to load my form. --------------------------- Debugger Exception Notification --------------------------- Project w3wp.exe raised exception class EReadError with message 'Error reading FrmMainOrder.ClientHeight: Property ClientHeight does not exist'. --------------------------- Break Continue Help --------------------------- I checked my DFM and there no property with name ClientHeight. I am using version of UniGUI.