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  1. Hallo Sherzod, this morning i made a new testcase and now it work's ? Thank you and sorry
  2. Android - not work.
  3. yes on a iPhone - not work
  4. with firefox you can simulate mobile devices. there is a button where you can switch the simulation of touches on and off
  5. Thanks, not work on a mobile device with Touch simulation (firefox or chrom) and not work on a iPhone.
  6. The problem is, with mobile devices does not work, with desktop work's. How can try this using in additional code ?
  7. Hi, is it possible to tap day on a mobile device and an event will be fired. On Desktop does work - on mobile device does not work ?
  8. Hi, uniPanel: how can change the toolbuttons (New Feature) position when set collapsible.
  9. Hi, a folder is missing extjs: 6.7.0 ext-6.7.0\build\modern\theme-ios\resources\font-ios extjs: 7.2.0 ext-7.2.0\build\modern\theme-ios\resources\
  10. Hi, works trigger icon ?
  11. unigui: Standart icon are not displayed in ios theme
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