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  1. Hi Guys depending on URL passed to browser I am tryiug to handle various redirections within ServerModuleHTTPCommand, is it possible to start the Session from here as well eg. if option1 then redirect1 else if option2 when redirect2 else if option3 then redirect3 else <start the main session> thank you
  2. wkotze

    Performance - IIS vs service

    thank you for your reply, the management imho is easy enough, port from INI in ServerModuleBeforeInit, and start/stop service with batch files in folder, so IIS a bit of overkill if no gain in performance.
  3. wkotze

    Handle Stateless Requests

    I like your suggestion, thank you Ron not using iis/apache, My thinking with HTTPCommand was that it would be "less expensive" resouse wise as no session is created, I would just be hit-do-whatever-and-get-out ?
  4. wkotze

    Performance - IIS vs service

    Hi Guys Is there any performance gain in running a unigui app via IIS as oppose to a service
  5. wkotze

    Handle Stateless Requests

    Hi Guys. I am new to Unigui. love it.!! great work Farshad! I've create a normal Unigui app with login, forms and all that goes with it... The app will sent emails to users containing <a href links to action tasks (eg. activation, password reset, etc) My first thinking was to handle this requests with separate PHP page requests, but I would prefer a "Delphi" way Will using ServerModule.HTTPCommand be the best way to do this ? If i should go this route, I am unsure on how best to connect to database (i use mssql with ado) regarding connection pooling and tread issues on sessions Should I create an ad-hoc Tadoconnection and action the request, OR or can I still try to access it via my mainmodule adoconnection, Thank you guys Wihan