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  1. PERFECT! , thank you Sherzod
  2. any feedback on this ?
  3. you can just place it on the form an test test1.zip
  4. yes, i suspect TUnimContainerPanel as well
  5. I am not able in browser to (clipboard) selectAll or Copy any text in TUnimHTMLFrame; (worked in edge without higligting te selected text, BUT not in crome or firefox at all) thank yoiu
  6. wkotze


    both servermodule.servermessages and maninmodule. servermessages is set BUT only servermodule. servermessages display on session termination I want maninmodule. servermessages to display NOT servermodule. servermessages
  7. wkotze


    Farshad, only servermodule.servermessages gets called, maninmodule. servermessages inot test1.zip
  8. wkotze


    thank you, I will try it
  9. Sherzod, yes 've used Demos\Touch\DBGridImages project, i've added LNK calculatedfield as hyperlink to some page then added the column for LNK on grid , made it the 1st column, sortable = true, allowhtml = true and change font see layout, display correct, then i click on LNK to sort, and then whole layout get scambled thank you DBGridImages1.zip
  10. guys something funny going on, the unidbgrid mobile grid sometimes hide a column on some records, and sometimes the whole column is hidden am i doing something wrong or is this a bug ?
  11. I am trying to show a normal (non-mobile) form from a mobile form, getting error "c is not a constructor" is it not possible to mix mobile and non-mobile in project ?
  12. wkotze


    Hi Sherzod, on session terminate i want go the user a link to log back in with his url parameters if session started with http:/ip/?prodid=100, on session terminate i watn to hoew messgae : "Terminated, click here to return to http:/ip/?prodid=100" if session started with http:/ip/?prodid=200, on session terminate i watn to hoew messgae : "Terminated, click here to return to http:/ip/?prodid=200" if session started with http:/ip/?prodid=300, on session terminate i watn to hoew messgae : "Terminated, click here to return to http:/ip/?prodid=300" The maninmodule. servermess
  13. wkotze


    I do use UniMainModule.ServerMessages, this is however ignored and Servermodule is used ServerModule.ServerMessages is used procedure TUniMainModule.UniGUIMainModuleCreate(Sender: TObject); var t : string; begin t :='<html><body><a href="[###url###]/'+ UserCode +'"><br>[###message###]<br>Restart application</a></body></html>'; ServerMessages.ExceptionTemplate.text := t; ServerMessages.terminatetemplate.text := t; ServerMessages.invalidsessiontemplate.text := t; end;
  14. wkotze


    Hi guys, i want on session termination to display message particular to that session, and i've set the servermessages on creation of mainmodule, BUT this property is ignored and the servermodule servermessages is displayed instead Im I doing something wrong, or is this a known issue ?
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