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  1. Turns out one of the installers TOASTED my paths.... I miss the old days when bigger companies also attempted QA 😃!
  2. I am guessing you only use Delphi. All I am trying to do is open the Delphi 11 group project to recompile all delphi packages for 64 bit. I keep getting the error above even after a FRESH Install of Windows / Rad Studio 11.2.
  3. Do you compile 64 bit? 32 bit compiles fine.
  4. I just tried updating my two development computers with 11.2 from 11.15 and now UniGui won't compile - I have even reformatted one of my laptops and SAME error: [dcc64 Fatal Error] ExtHTTPServer.pas(24): E2213 Bad packaged unit format: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\22.0\Dcp\uIndy28.dcp.uIdGlobal - Expected version: 35.0, Windows Unicode(x64) Found version: 35.0, Windows Unicode(x86) How do I fix this? All the best, Aggie85
  5. Marlon, Could you please make it to where the image icon and the TextInternal actually center together in the TUniFSMultiUpload component? As is, the TextInternal displays below the upload image with the image in dead center. This doesn't work out well if the TextInternal is long. I am using the component in "as-best-as-possible" responsive app. It would also be nice touch if the icon could be replaced. All the best, Aggie85
  6. Marlon, After a file is selected in the TUniFSMultiUpload component, how do you clear the component so another file can be selected? I tried calling ClearFiles(), but the previous stored file is still selected within the component if I try to select the same file again (for testing to see if the OnComplete is called). Thanks in advance, Aggie85
  7. Howdy All, This is going to be the SIMPLEST / STUPID question I (and probably anyone else will ever ask)! How do I get the CacheFolder for the current session? I have been looking at all the class headers and I can't seem to find it? All the best, Aggie85
  8. Howdy Stemon63, I am building a new development laptop right now and I will need to put a demo back together again (I am a C++ developer and the minimum Delphi test app I was using I will need to rebuild. I will try and get it up in the next couple of days. Thanks, Aggie85
  9. Howdy Marlon, I just found out I can make it work even with child forms if I create the forms only when needed - I can live with this. The bigger issue I have with the TUniFSMultiUpload component is that you hard-coded the ID=UP301 and so I can only have one instance of the control when I am attempting to create a "grid" of required documents and EACH cell is a TUniFSMultiUpload component with an upload of 1 max file. Any chance of changing it soon to allow multiple instances of the component to be used? If you want to see what I am talking about, just drop two copies of the components with each a differnt OnComplete event and you will see that both component instances will go to the SAME event. Thanks in advance, Aggie85
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