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  1. Howdy Fred, I don’t disagree with most of what you said but it depends on the complexity / needs of the app. when I designed the third version of my web app (link above), I moved away from using any grids or other UI components that don’t change/scale in a responsive way. My app also doesn’t really have any complicated data entry needs. Any how, I was hoping I could easily do something similar with Unigui. I am now looking at Angular for client apps and I will continue to write my backend REST apis in c++. All the best, Shane
  2. Howdy Norm, Looks nice. Here is a link to my demo app that I wrote using BootStrap 4 components in Intraweb: https://demo.vtstix.com/TVTwebres/TVT_ISAPI.dll/$/?CompanyID=1&CustomerID=2 it is fully responsive. Thanks, Aggie85
  3. x11 thanks for the answer. I am in the process of trying to decide what language / framework to use for my next web project. All my current web apps have been in C++ Builder + IntraWeb. IntraWeb is very lacking in components outside of basics. Many of us use third party components like CGDevTools (which supply desktop / mobile editions). The reason I asked the original question is that I don't want two different sets of components for a web application. I would rather design my application to be responsive as possible (whether that means when possible using layouts or disabling features when not appropriate on small devices). The Sencha 7.x example link I gave previously (repeated below) is responsive: https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.3.0/examples/admin-dashboard/#widgets The online UniGui desktop examples are NOT responsive. Any how, I am hoping to see a UniGui example / real web app that is responsive before I go down this path. All the best, Aggie85
  4. Howdy All! I was reading the roadmap for UniGui and noticed the Q1-2020 had Sencha 7.x as part of it. I just went to Sencha's site and played with their 7.x demo app: https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.3.0/examples/admin-dashboard/#widgets for my needs, it is responsive. Can I develop a true responsive app with UniGui now without needing two web apps (one set of controls for desktop and one set of controls for mobile/tablet)? All the best, Aggie85 P.S. Please be safe.
  5. Howdy All! I have been "tagging" UniGui to look at for quite sometime and need to get a little information from existing users. A little background - I currently have written a reservation system. It is comprised of a WIN32/64 application and a web application written in IntraWeb using CGDevTools jQuery and jQueryMobile components. I am looking to "unify" my web apps from 2 to 1 (i.e. responsive). It it possible using UniGui to just use one set of components and have a responsive / consistent UI across all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile) like Bootstrap? Anybody have a link they can share if the answer to the above question is YES? I just want to make sure I investigate all Delphi/C Builder web development ways before I am forced to look at a different set of tools for web development. Thanks in advance, Aggie85
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