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  1. Thanks all! I just got notice this morning that I am being "downsized" so my UniGui project is coming to an end! As a C++ Builder user and since for the first time in 18 years I won't have a legacy app / codebase, I am going to be investigating Flutter / MAUI for my next personal project. I want to thank all of you, especially Sherzod, for helping me with my journey with UniGui. I really wish I had picked it up earlier as there is a LOT of potential with it in the Delphi/C++ Builder sphere. All the best, Aggie85
  2. Howdy Sherzod, ALMOST! I also want the part where as the user types, the type of characters required are checked off. Have you added that in the last 6 years 😁? All the best, Aggie85
  3. Howdy All! I decided to ask before I reinvent the wheel yet again (I have done this type of component for some of the other frameworks I have used in the past). Has anyone implemented a UniGui password input control that acts like the one on the link below: Password Strength Checker - Check How Secure is Your Password - IDStrong All the best, Aggie85
  4. Aggie85


    Howdy All! What is the equivalent remove listener for JSAddListener()? I see a JSRemoveEvent() or I do just pass an empty string in the JSAddListener function? All the best, Aggie85
  5. Aggie85

    Edit Borders

    OK... I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. All the best, Aggie85
  6. Aggie85

    Edit Borders

    addCls() function doesn't exist How do I get a CSS class to apply to the input part of a TUniEdit? When I just use the TUniEdit's JSName() + _I'd with addCls(), the CSS gets applied to the FieldLabel and not the inner edit control.
  7. Aggie85

    Edit Borders

    OK - I tried the techniques int the following threads: And I just get JS errors.... I just want to call addCls() in a TUniEdit's OnExit() and call a removeCls() in the TUniEdit's OnEnter(). DOES ANYONE HAVE A SIMPLE EXAMPLE? I have spent HOURS with no success. I want to apply the CSS to the edit box of the TUniEdit (NOT THE LABEL). So how do I do this? All the best, Aggie85
  8. Aggie85

    Edit Borders

    Howdy! I have tried the method(s) used on this thread: And the problem I am running into is that all my edits that have a FieldLabel apply to the FieldLabel output and NOT the edit box itself. Any way to disable the FieldLabel and I will just use a TUniLabel + TUniEdit? All the best, Aggie85
  9. Aggie85

    Edit Borders

    Howdy All! What is the easiest way to change the border color of an edit control (TUniEdit / etc) on the fly? That is, I want to change the border color to the default when the control is entered and if the field is invalid, I want to change it to RED. All the best, Aggie85
  10. Howdy Sherzod, Is there a reason that if I load a file into a TUniImage that is already in the cache session folder that the control creates another copy of the file? All the best, Aggie85
  11. Turns out one of the installers TOASTED my paths.... I miss the old days when bigger companies also attempted QA 😃!
  12. I am guessing you only use Delphi. All I am trying to do is open the Delphi 11 group project to recompile all delphi packages for 64 bit. I keep getting the error above even after a FRESH Install of Windows / Rad Studio 11.2.
  13. Do you compile 64 bit? 32 bit compiles fine.
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