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  1. Howdy Fred, I don’t disagree with most of what you said but it depends on the complexity / needs of the app. when I designed the third version of my web app (link above), I moved away from using any grids or other UI components that don’t change/scale in a responsive way. My app also doesn’t really have any complicated data entry needs. Any how, I was hoping I could easily do something similar with Unigui. I am now looking at Angular for client apps and I will continue to write my backend REST apis in c++. All the best, Shane
  2. Howdy Norm, Looks nice. Here is a link to my demo app that I wrote using BootStrap 4 components in Intraweb: https://demo.vtstix.com/TVTwebres/TVT_ISAPI.dll/$/?CompanyID=1&CustomerID=2 it is fully responsive. Thanks, Aggie85
  3. x11 thanks for the answer. I am in the process of trying to decide what language / framework to use for my next web project. All my current web apps have been in C++ Builder + IntraWeb. IntraWeb is very lacking in components outside of basics. Many of us use third party components like CGDevTools (which supply desktop / mobile editions). The reason I asked the original question is that I don't want two different sets of components for a web application. I would rather design my application to be responsive as possible (whether that means when possible using layouts or di
  4. Howdy All! I was reading the roadmap for UniGui and noticed the Q1-2020 had Sencha 7.x as part of it. I just went to Sencha's site and played with their 7.x demo app: https://examples.sencha.com/extjs/7.3.0/examples/admin-dashboard/#widgets for my needs, it is responsive. Can I develop a true responsive app with UniGui now without needing two web apps (one set of controls for desktop and one set of controls for mobile/tablet)? All the best, Aggie85 P.S. Please be safe.
  5. Howdy All! I have been "tagging" UniGui to look at for quite sometime and need to get a little information from existing users. A little background - I currently have written a reservation system. It is comprised of a WIN32/64 application and a web application written in IntraWeb using CGDevTools jQuery and jQueryMobile components. I am looking to "unify" my web apps from 2 to 1 (i.e. responsive). It it possible using UniGui to just use one set of components and have a responsive / consistent UI across all devices (desktop/tablet/mobile) like Bootstrap? Anybody have a link
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