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  1. demo procedure bitbtn1.click() begin with TunimEdit.Create(self) do begin parent:=UnimContainerPanel1; Name:='edt1'; Height:=30; Align:=alTop; end; with TUniMemo.Create(self) do begin parent:=UnimContainerPanel1; Name:='mmo1'; Height:=30; Align:=alTop; end; with TunimEdit.Create(self) do begin parent:=UnimContainerPanel1; Name:='edt2'; Height:=30; Align:=alTop; end; end; ============================================== I want to be in the order of creation edt1 - > mmo1 - > edt2 The actual order turns out to be edt1 - > edt2 - > mmo1
  2. Create multiple components dynamically in turn (uniedit, unicombobox, unimemo, unidatetime ) and set the properties to Align:= alTop; why is the order of permutation not the order I created? What do you need to do to rank them in order of creation? I use version 0.94, and the latest trial version has this problem.
  3. Unigui is very good. This is a problem caused by extjs6. Some browsers do not support the latest flex layout attributes of css3. It is normal in extjs4, not a unigui problem. If you want to change the solution, you may need to change delphi, haha
  4. Haha, I know it's bothering you, so I sent it up. Hope can also help the people behind. Thank you for your beer. Make friends.
  5. hi,I've tried it. You can add the following CSS。 body{ margin-Top:0 !important; padding-top:0 !important; top:0px; }
  6. I tried. The latest beta version has this problem
  7. Yes, this link also has this problem. extjs4 No problem.
  8. Opening the official mobile version of demo with UC browser also has this problem!
  9. Hi, Open the demo with the iphone can see. Grids-->Column Locking http://prime.fmsoft.net/demo/desktop/mdemo.dll
  10. Unigui in the MAC and iphone Safari browser encountered Bug? 1, Some icons can not be displayed 2, uniDbGrid not display the scroll bar The problem above normal under Windows.
  11. Is not the same domain, from Google into the other url
  12. With UniURLFrame open a url, click on the web page link to other web pages, need get new open web url , but use showMessage (UniURLFrame1. Url); ,Can only get the first open the url, could you tell me what to do to get the final url?
  13. Css how to allow the designated controls only? Not global. For example: need to set the button1 background color is gray, button2 background color is red. Can ServerModule -CustomCss be implemented? Please, for example, thank you
  14. unibutton, set the ScreenMask, when the mouse clicks the scroll bar will appear. But calling the button with the shortcut keys, scroll bars do not appear. What's good solution.
  15. FMX webbrowser made use of a shell, open unigui app. After a timeout, not open, restart no use, how to solve this problem?
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