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Application crash/timeout with "worker process 'xxxx' failed to stop a listener channel for protocol 'http'"

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Hi Guys,


Hoping someone can give me a little bit of help with a application crash/timeout using IIS. The below works fine using stand-alone deployment - this is only an issue in my production IIS environment. ekkkk (please help)


This is reproducible every time I do the same operation - which is using a component to export a dataset to excel (the component is EMS Advanced data export)


All I do is call execute on this component to take what I have in the dataset (5 records) and output it to excel. 

I have one modal form - with the export component and a grid - all code is local to the form, apart from the dataset which is located on a datamodule.


This application has EnableSynchronousOperations := true;

I am using SSL https


1.All records are outputted correctly to the excel file (xlsx) and the file exist where I expect on the file system. It opens perfectly well.

2.As soon as the .execute method is called, I immediately call  UniSession.SendFile(_FilePath, ExtractFileName(_FilePath)); This also excutes and allows me to "download" the xlsx and the contents is fine.

3.It is at his point the application becomes unresponsive, I call modalresult := mrok on the form and nothing happens.


This is the error I am getting from windows event viewer - 


A worker process '3856' serving application pool 'AppPool' failed to stop a listener channel for protocol 'http' in the allotted time.  The data field contains the error number.
Event ID = 5138 (strange as I am using https, not http)
I can also see this event 
A process serving application pool 'AppPool' exceeded time limits during shut down. The process id was '3856'.
Event ID = 5013
UniGUI log shows nothing
It seems to just crash/timeout the session/instance of the application, not the server - once i hit refresh I can log back into the application. (obviously the issue will occur again if I try to export) 
Here are my IIS settings (should be exactly the same as per instructions from the deployment guide)
Delphi 10.1 Berlin
Unigui Complete
Thanks for any help, Dan.

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Swapped out the export component, and replaced with TMS FlexCell, ran a quick test and no crash/timeout on exporting from a dataset. This obviously means the EMS export component is doing something that the ISAPI module doesn't like.

I haven't got the time to debug and need a working solution fast so this is the best option for me currently.


If any does have any ideas please still post as I would eventually like to know why this was caused.


Thanks, Dan.

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Mostly this has to do with a component who use OLE Objects internaly.


In ServerModule try AutoCoInitialize := true;


Alternatively you can do this:

  //Do your stuff here..


You have to add WinAPI.ActiveX to your "uses" section.



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