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Create series in TUniChart at runtime

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Thanks for the quick response


I'm just researching, I have not downloaded or installed any version of UniGUI yet. But from what I've seen in the forum topics, creating series in the graphics at runtime seems to be a problem, and this is a prerequisite for me to decide which web-development tool I'm going to use.


From what I have seen in the examples so far, all that is missing is the dynamic creation of components. Other than that the uniGUI seems to meet 100% my expectations.

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I searched all examples, and there are a lot of cool stuff, and there are some that have the creation of components at runtime, this makes me much more comfortable deciding to use uniGUI.


But on the issue of graphics, which are essential for my business, I still have not found anything about the dynamic creation of series. In all examples the series are created at development time. If you can kindly put a snippet of code showing me how to create the series in runtime, I would be very grateful.


Looking more calmly, another question arose that I could not explain through the examples:


Can I differentiate the number of series of a chart through a single column of my table?


For example, I have a column named "Status", where the values ​​can be only 3 types: "Started", "Waiting" and "Finished".


Following the example, would I be able to make the graph recognize these values ​​and create the series automatically according to the status field available in my query?


I put an attached image to make it easier to understand my question (in summary, I have a table with records and would like to display this table in a unigui chart, as in the chart shown in the image).


I thank you for your attention.


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