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Dynamic Series in TUniChart

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I'm trying to add series in a chart by the result of an query. But it will not work.

I tried something like that


    while not dm.qTemp.Eof do
        TmpSeries := tUniLineSeries.Create(Ch_Quoten);
        TmpSeries.Name := 'Series' + dm.qTempKennung.AsString;
        TmpSeries.Title := 'LC' + dm.qTempKennung.AsString;


Can anyone tell me, what I have to do, to make this work?





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Please try this code as it has worked for me successfully:


     icount := InterlockedIncrement( iNamesCounter );
     HorizBarSeries := TUniHorizBarSeries.Create( Chart );
     HorizBarSeries.Parent := Chart;
     HorizBarSeries.Name := 'Horizbar' + IntToStr(icount);


This can be in a loop, but notice that the PARENT and NAME properties are critical to the objects being freed.


NOTE: DO NOT alter the CHART.SERIESLIST list, as the PARENT property will do that for you.



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