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I'm going to migrate my reporting tool from QR to FR, due to I have problems generating PDF in a  separated thread with QR, but with FR, my tests are ok for me.


But I have 2 problems, that FR support can't solve.


1. pdf export takes many time in comparison with QR. in QR, the export takes 5 seconds, and the same report, in FR takes 30 sec.


2. the size of the pdf generated by FR in 2 times the size of the pdf generated by QR.


I'm sure I doing something wrong. I'm based in the FR demo included in unigui.


In the demo included with FR, I put my f3 file to test. and the export takes almost no time and the size of the generated pdf is smallest than with QR.


There is a big performance difference between VCL and unigui.


Someone have any idea?


Some help will be wellcome.



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