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Using UniDBedit as UniEdit


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Hello friends,

I want to share with you a technich i am using. This is for design optimisation.


You have 3 forms :

• a mainform with a unitreeview

• a form with an UniDBGRID

• a form with many UniDBEdit assigned to that UniDBgrid Datasource.


The unitreeview has 2 nodes :

• New customer

• History of Customers


If an user click on history of customers, he can edit and modify all fields in the third form.


Ok. But if an other user (who haven't access to history of customers, only creat new customer) click on new customer, then he will see all that fields not enabled.


This is a normal behavior as theese fields are assigned to a dataset wich is not open.


Ok, Some of you will open that dataset, before opening the form (to edit). But this will take times and ressources. Others will creat two forms (one with uniEdit and an other with uniDBEdit).


Solution :

Just put a virtualTable on the edit form and assign all that fields to this virtualTable Datasource, then do :



This will give you all uniDbEdit fields enabled and empty.

Use them as an uniEdit.

Have fun.



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