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TUniURLFrame and X-Frame-Options on Chrome 59


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I'm trying the URLFrame demo (and in our own application) where trying to fetch (for example) www.google.co.uk results in failure and the following error in the browser console:




From what I've read ideally this restriction should be removed at the server end.  But what if this is not an option?  Is there any way to avoid this problem from the UniGUI side?  


Thanks in advance,



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Relatedly, and perhaps an obvious question, but how do you trigger the opening of a URL on (say) button click into a new browser tab?  Presumably doing this won't suffer from the above X-Frame-Options limitation, so in the meantime I'm considering doing this instead in our application.  Would this be basically something like the following in the button click handler, or is there a better way?

UniSession.AddJS('window.open(''https://www.google.co.uk'', ''_blank'');'); 

Edit: The above works as expected but is there a better way?


Also for the benefit of others, one solution to this question is to install the "Ignore X-Frame headers" extension for Chrome that drops and thus effectively makes Chrome ignore the X-Frame-Options headers. 

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