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How to resize MainForm with browser resizing?


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If you don't want the main form to be shown as a form (meaning you don't care to see the window frame) then you can set the MainFormDisplayMode property of TUniServerModule to mfPage.


Another option is to have the main form set as describe above which contains a panel whose Layout property is set to "fit" and then have a second form which act as the main form and whose Parent property is set to the panel on the real main form. See demo project attached. 


In this example I have set the BodyPadding of the panel to 10 to show the yellowish color of the panel who is the parent.




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Got it! Actually not - I don't need MainForm to be the window but just a simple page. But as I can understand - there are 2 ways to align - on server and on client.


In your case I shoud switch to client side alignment which is Ext JS responsible for.


Then I can't manage with properties like someButton.left someButton.top


In case of client side alignment - how can I put some object to the right top corner - button for example which is lets say on the Top panel?

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