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UniGUI license on customers development VM?

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Is it allowed to use my UniGUI license on a customers VM which will be used for (remote) development (only) by me? 

To be more precise:
Nowadays it becomes more and more common for me to develop on a Virtual Machine - which ideally will be made available by the customer (so I use his special environment including his licensed version of Delphi, third party components etc.)


If I advise a customer to use UniGUI, it is a bit complicated to show demos or make developments on base of a limited trial edition until he decides to buy his own license.

It would be fine if I could develop with my license - and if the customer is satisfied and may take it finally in production, I would force him to buy his own UniGUI license at this point as required. (Or: Remove my license and then install the trial edition)


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It depends how your customer treats uniGUI. Will your customer own the source code and continue development or maintaining the project on their own? If answer is yes then they must buy their license at the stage development starts.

If you are providing a demo for them you should prepare it on your PC. You should not install uniGUI on a VM/PC which belongs to your customer.



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