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Unigui clone of rt.com responsive design


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Hi all, 

thought I should share a test project, where I try to use Unigui

to make a clone of rt.com with its responsive design. Is it possible?

So far I've done the top part, or most of it.


Obviously there will be some JS and tweaking, but so far so good.


Included is a mysql db that is required, and you will also need

MyDAC db components to try it out as it is now - but that can of

course be changed.


Maybe some things could be fixed in a better way using layout

system of ExtJS, I do not know. But I think it is possible to create

a CMS system using Unigui.












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Attached is an .exe file, just install the db from the unicms.sql

and set the root pw in mysql to "root", and it should work...


Thank you, but where is the attachment file, must have forgotten


Thank you for all your help and support

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