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DisplayFormat Field - UniDBGRID


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Hello friends

I'm formatting fields ftFloat type to be displayed formatted grid.


if (dataset.Fields = .DataType ftFloat) then

   TNumericField (dataset.Fields ) DisplayFormat: = ',00:00; - 0:00.';


However when trying to edit the registry on a UniDBFormattedNumber having such as the value of 3000, there is an error message that the value of "3.000,00" is not valid.


I believe that regional issues are related.

In the server did it, but without affecting the result.


  FFmtFormatoBR                   := TFormatSettings.Create;

  FFmtFormatoBR.ThousandSeparator := '.';

  FFmtFormatoBR.DecimalSeparator  := ',';

  FFmtFormatoBR.CurrencyDecimals  := 2;

  FFmtFormatoBR.DateSeparator     := '/';

  FFmtFormatoBR.ShortDateFormat   := 'dd/mm/yyyy';

  FFmtFormatoBR.LongDateFormat    := 'dd/mm/yyyy';

  FFmtFormatoBR.TimeSeparator     := ':';

  FFmtFormatoBR.TimeAMString      := 'AM';

  FFmtFormatoBR.TimePMString      := 'PM';

  FFmtFormatoBR.ShortTimeFormat   := 'hh:mm';

  FFmtFormatoBR.LongTimeFormat    := 'hh:mm:ss';

  FFmtFormatoBR.CurrencyString    := 'R$ ';

  System.SysUtils.FormatSettings  := FFmtFormatoBR;



What should I set up?

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