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UniContainerpanel .. for what is "_id-outerCt" and "_id-innerCt" ?


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i use a lot of uniContainerPanels .. and i search a way to reduce the traffic of my app - and increase speed  .. 


i found out that a uniContainerpanel has 3 blocks of code:



<div class="x-container x-abs-layout-item x-container-default x-abs-layout-ct" style="background-color:#E8E8E8;left:0px;top:329px;width:607px;height:35px;" id="O224_id">



<span id="O224_id-outerCt" style="display: table; width: 100%; table-layout: fixed; height: 100%;" role="presentation">



<div id="O224_id-innerCt" style="display:table-cell;height:100%;vertical-align:top;" class="" role="presentation">



if i delete block 2 and 3 per chrome developer tools - my UniContainerPanel works "normal"...


So - for what is 2 and 3 neccesary - and can we reduce traffic and increase performance - if block 2 and 3 are not created?   (would reduce traffic about 30% of my forms..)


ThanX for suggestions ...



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