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Does anyone have an idea? (FastReport & uniHTMLMemo)


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I use Fastreport to create PDF's from a UniGui-Application.


Actuall I have the problem that I would like to bring the contents of a uniHTMLMemos in my "Fastreport" Pdf-Pages.


BUT... https://www.fast-report.com/en/documentation/frx3user/Creating%20reports/HTML-tags%20in%20the%20%27Text%27%20object.htm


You can see that the supported HTML-Tags are very limited. (Fonts, Size, Listings etc..)




Now is my Idea, before create the Report print the content of my uniHTMLMemo to a Picture (.png, jpb..) and add this to my PDF Report.


My questions:


1.) It is possible to save the content of a uniHTMLMemo(with the dimensions) to a picture at server-side?

     similarly: UniSession.AddJs(UniHTMLMemo10.jsname+'.iframeEl.dom.contentWindow.print();');



2.) is there a possibility to get the HTML tags String in an image file?


3.) Does anyone have a better idea for my problem?




Best regards

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With http://wkhtmltopdf.org/ you can convert html to a pdf or image on server side.


But if you use image:

- the size will be big

- you can't search for text in PDF

- the font will not scale (can look terrible)


But you can make the complete report with html and then use wkhtmltopdf or you make 2 PDFs (from report and html) and then merge them.

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@ Oliver Morsch

Thank you for your suggestion.

-> I intend for many reasons solve the problem directly in the application unigui.

a.) I will use a simple memo in the first step.

b.) In the next step I will even generate my report with https://parall.ax/products/jspdf and http://fabricjs.com/.



I would be glad if there would be a better solution.


best regards
"Greetings from Austria to Germany"



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