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New Question Recovery Failure with UniTimer


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Hi Farshad,
I found a situation using Recovery Failure with my project that uses a TUniTimer to check for new messages between users logged.
The scenario is as follows:
I have a TUniTimer with 2 seconds(interval) , where i see if a particular string variable has some value.
If at some point the server crashed for any reason, the browse appears Recovery Mask properly. Returning the server, the session receive a "Invalid Session" correctly. In InvalidSession Template i'm redirecting to the main page of the application. 
The big problem is that if the server returned in 2 minutes, for example, is performed several times the redirect to the main page of the application, because somehow in the time it was out, every 2 seconds the session was generating a request to the server (TUniTimer), and returning the server, every time from the time it was unavailable, requests were again generated.
I understand the functioning of Recovery Failure, but for the same session, only one request (the first that identified the connection loss) should be processed again, because this time of disconnection, nothing can be accomplished.
If possible, could show you this bad behavior accessing my PC.


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Can you send a small demo project containing your redirection code?


InvalidTemplate code:


<script type="text/javascript">

but, occours same behavior with:




document.location ="[###url###]";






<script type="text/javascript">
 Farshad, if you can connect to my PC, it would very quickly show, but if not, I see to create a small project.
 Thanks again!
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