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Ordering uniGUI Beta

Farshad Mohajeri

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Dear developers,
Starting from version 0.97 uniGUI builds will no longer be free. You need to purchase a subscription from us in order to be able to access new builds.
There are few reasons that forced us to switch to a paid version at this point:

  • Included Sencha Ext JS library is not a free product and no longer we can continue distributing fully functional uniGUI builds this way.
  • We have already made an OEM agreement with Sencha and invested in OEM licenses. Normally as expected we need to get back our investment as soon as we can.
  • There was a big confusion about Sencha Ext JS licensing. While some developers were getting their own licenses directly from Sencha many others were waiting for us to issue the OEM license. With version 0.97 you'll be assigned an embedded Ext JS OEM license so you no longer need to be concerned about possible license infringements with Sencha Inc.

What we offer at this stage are products named: uniGUI Professional and uniGUI Complete Professional. Please read this topic to get a better idea about it.
Additional editions may be available after version 1.0 is released. As a part of this deal you will also get one year of subscription to all minor/major updates and releases.

Needles to say that all products will include the OEM versions of Sencha Ext JS and Sencha Touch (Complete Edition) so there is no need to buy licenses from Sencha.
We did our best to fully automate the order process.


Current subscription options:

  • uniGUI Pro  680 USD
    • Desktop Web Application Development
    • Sencha Ext JS OEM
    • Component source code ( Units in uniGUIxx.dpk ) (Will be available in version 0.99 and later)
    • One year subscription
  • uniGUI Complete Pro  890 USD
    • Desktop & Mobile Web Application Development
    • Sencha Ext JS OEM
    • Sencha Touch Complete OEM ( Includes Touch Grids and Charts )
    • Component source code ( Units in uniGUIxx.dpk and uniGUIxxm.dpk ) (Will be available in version 0.99 and later)
    • One year subscription

*Above prices are current prices and not final prices. Final prices and product specifications may change.
Ordering uniGUI
Before you proceed.

  • Please take it into consideration that this product is currently in last stage of beta mode.
  • It lacks important features such as proper documentation, user guide and other related materials.
  • Current version may not include all of the edition specific features. Some features will be included in one of the next releases.
  • You may also want to review our End User License Agreement before placing an order.

Here are the steps to get your one year subscription from our store:

  • Enter our online store.
  • Select the product you want to subscribe to. Currently there are two options: uniGUI Pro & uniGUI Complete Pro
  • Enter the number of licenses you need for your company. There is a link to volume license pricing. You can click it to see the pricing info for volume purchases. Volume licenses will be issued for developers working for same company.
  • Press Order Now to continue.
  • In next page you can change your quantity and enter a discount coupon if you have one.
  • In same page you must enter your Name, Surname, email address and other details in Order Details form.
  • Make sure you enter correct information when you fill the Order Details form.
  • Please enter your primary email when you place an order. This email address will be the primary way to contact you.
  • It is recommended to use same email address you are using in forums. You can change your email address in forums from profile settings.
  • In volume purchases (Quantity>1), the owner of entered email address will be assigned as the team leader who will be granted the right to manage all the licenses assigned to your team.
  • Now in Payment Method section choose your preferred payment method.
  • Press next and complete your purchase by entering proper information.
  • If you choose PayPal as payment method you will be automatically redirected to PayPal web site.
  • After you fully complete your order you will receive several emails containing information regarding your purchase and login info to our new customer portal web site.
  • You will receive two emails from FastSpring containing your invoice and details about your product(s).
  • If it is your first purchase you will receive an email which will contain login credentials and the link to our new customer portal web site..
  • Last email is again about your products and link to our new customer portal web site.
  • So if it is your first purchase from our store you will receive up to four emails.

Refund Policy:
For obvious reasons a Refund Option will not be available. You had the extended opportunity to test the framework and become fully familiar with its features. Some of you are already using it for years.
Those of you who want to continue testing the framework before they place an order should download Trial Edition of uniGUI.
After you received your emails it is time to log on customer portal where you can issue your license(s) and download the installer. Our customer web portal is very intuitive and straightforward to use.
From now on all download links will be available only in our customer portal which is a uniGUI app itself.
Download links in portal supports "resuming",  but we haven't tested it with download accelerators. Please do not use download accelerators when downloading from customer portal.
If none of the payment options in online store is available for you or you have other questions please send an email to orders@fmsoft.net or post your question here.

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