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I tried to copy the Google map demo (just the form and unit) to my own demo program and I get an

Ajax Error - google is not defined window pop up when I try to run.  There is a lot of script in the window.


I did figure out that had to add uniGUIApplication to my uses list and also add Midas for trying on a separate machine. Anybody have the same experience?  Not sure what needs to be done to try to patch in another project. Otherwise I can run the demo no problems as is. Any help is appreciated.


John P.

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First thank you very much for your replies. It is so great to see others helping each other out in this forum, and another reason why I continue to work with UniGUI. 


The link the to example you provided wa awsome and that demo is very impressive. However it seems to require ExPascal 14 which I do not have so I am not sure if I should attempt to go there or if it is required to install. For now all I would really like is to get the map demo by UniGUI patched as requested in to my own demo, which I seem to be stuck on, which would be a good way for me to do some other testing.  This is where I am stuck and all I want help on for now.


John P.



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I finally got back to trying to learn how the map demo is done. 


I am not able to find this map package to try to learn and use the Map demo. I am using XE with version


''You must install the package unigmap (UniGMapDXXXX.dpk) and a new palette'' 




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