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Clear StringGrid


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uniStringGrid is not the most optimized component of uniGUI...

Anyway, you can try this :

  • set uniStringGrid.Visible to false before clearing it (or before adding lines), and set it to True after your process
  • try to set the property "DoubleBuffered" to True before clearing it (or adding lines)
  • try to use methods "BeginUpdate" and "EndUpdate" when you change something in your StringGrid.

You should notice better performances (but not so good; uniStringGrid is still a crappy component).


You can also try to use uniDBGrid instead of uniStringGrid... performances are better in some cases.

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Hi codeb,


I think I found a nice solution :


BEFORE clearing your uniStringGrid, put this line in your code :

AFTER clearing your uniStringGrid, put the lines:
By the way, if some of your operations are too slow (ie creating components in runtime), you can do this :
BEFORE your slow operation
AFTER your slow operation

Everything is fully explained here : http://edspencer.net/2013/07/19/sencha-con-2013-ext-js-performance-tips/




Hope it'll help you.

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