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Creating and Destroying DataModules


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Hi there!


I am not sure if I am doing right with datamodules.


I am following the demos and implemented the folloging in my code:


function DMMainG: TDMMainG;
  Result := TDMMainG(UniMainModule.GetModuleInstance(TDMMainG));

So, I add my unit with the datamodule and then i use the above function to get the valid instance of the it.


However I am lost, WHAT IS THE REASON of doing this way?


On the destructor of my Form I am not not doing FREE on the datamodule. Because if I do so, the next time it is instantiated it do not works correctly: I use DBISAM and the Database and Session components does not get created and the datamodule fails.


Then I am writing the application always never doing FREE on the datamodule, and always calling that GetModuleInstace. 


I would like to know what is this way, is that is correct, because I am getting some instabilities on the application and I am not sure if this is the reason.


Thank you !!!





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