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Bundling standalone server on existing software


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Hi there,


I am new around here and still learning.


But need some ideas on how to deal with the following:


I see that the standalone server of uniGUI is based on indy. That is fine, since I know it.


I have already a Webservice that I made using indy 10 with delphi xe2. It is working fine.


In fact, this server has already a lot of things already done. Specially business classes and access to tables etc. Everything just ready.


I was wondering if there is a way to wrap the uniGUI standalone server and put together on THE SAME PROGRAM. There is no need to be the same indy components for sure, it will be using different ports. I am using idHTTPs, but it will be a different one. 


That will make my life much simplier, since the forms will be supplied by uniGUI, but the rest of the functionality will be provided by the classes of my server.


If that is possible, what is needed to achieve that? I need that to be created dynamically. I have a configuration file that tell me what is needed to be running on the server, then it creates each object needed and sets configurarion. I was hoping to have a class to wrap up the uniGUI standalone server and setup what is needed. This class will be a singleton on this server.


Thank you in any help!


Eduardo Elias



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