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Resizing grid toolbar and changing icons


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If anyone wants to resize a grids toolbar (the one with next previous... etc) you can do something like:




Be carefull not to forget !Important because it want work

   background-image:url("images/back64.png") !important; 
   width:64px !important;
   height:64px !important;


function OnResize(sender, adjWidth, adjHeight, rawWidth, rawHeight)
  var tb=sender.getDockedItems('toolbar[dock="bottom"]');;
  if(tb){//if has toolbar
    if (tb.length > 0) tb = tb[0];
    tb.height=74;//resize all the toolbar
    if(tb.items.get(0)){//this is the first item of the toolbar (go to first page)
      //tb.items.get(0).hide(); //you can also hide a button
      tb.items.get(0).setIconCls('bigicons');//this is the css class witch puts the new icon...

I hope this helps someone.... :rolleyes:


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