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  1. TNT23

    DBGrid - Next & Previous page

    I am sorry to hear it is a pirated version. I really didn't know that. I am going to uninstall right now. Is there a demo version i can install sir. ok i found it http://www.unigui.com/component/rsfiles/download?path=FMSoft_uniGUI_Complete_Professional_1.50.0.1482_Trial.exe thank you
  2. TNT23

    DBGrid - Next & Previous page

    Unigui v
  3. TNT23

    DBGrid - Next & Previous page

    Dear sir, I am evaluating unigui and i haven't found a way to make unimdbgrid move to next and previous page using a form button. This is important for our company to move on buying unigui . Even if this can't be done UNIGUI is a unique component for delphi developers.
  4. TNT23

    UniCalendar Panel Event Hint

    I found the answer .... Add the code bellow to CalendarPanel.ExtEvents.eventsrendered function eventsrendered(sender, eOpts) { var curView = sender; var evtElements = Ext.select('.ext-cal-evt', true); if (evtElements) { //Loop through all elements Ext.each(evtElements.elements, function(eachEl) { //Get EventId from from elment var evtId = curView.getEventIdFromEl(eachEl); var rec = sender.getEventRecord(evtId); if (!Ext.isEmpty(rec)) if (!Ext.isEmpty(evtId)){ var pop_content = "<div id='popup-data'><p><b>Details: </b>" +rec.data.Notes.replace(/\n/g, "<br />")+"</p></div>"; new Ext.ToolTip({ target: eachEl ,title: rec.data.Title ,dismissDelay: 2000 // auto hide after 2 seconds ,anchor: 'top' ,anchorOffset: 85 ,trackMouse: true ,html: pop_content }); } }, this); } }
  5. I am using the code bellow to display hints when the mouse is over an event... The problem i'm having is that the hint is displayed the second time the mouse goes over the event. I searched the net and i found that the problem is because i create the tooltip inside the eventover .... Is there a workaround??? function eventover(sender, rec, el, eOpts) { var pop_content = "<div id='popup-data'><p><b>Details: </b>" +rec.data.Notes.replace(/\n/g, "<br />")+"</p></div>"; new Ext.ToolTip({ target: el ,title: rec.data.Title ,dismissDelay: 2000 // auto hide after 2 seconds ,anchor: 'top' ,anchorOffset: 85 ,trackMouse: true ,renderTo: Ext.getBody() ,html: pop_content }).show; }
  6. TNT23

    UniCalendarPanel firstday of the week

    Thank you all... Its working great.
  7. TNT23

    UniCalendarPanel firstday of the week

    Another problem is that the code is working great at Month view but in Week view StartDay does not affect the final result. (Sunday is still first). Is there a work arround for this?
  8. TNT23

    UniCalendarPanel firstday of the week

    Thank you very much it is working great
  9. Thank you very much for the amasing components. Is there a way to change the start day of the calendar panel so that it will start from monday?
  10. If anyone wants to resize a grids toolbar (the one with next previous... etc) you can do something like: servermodule->customcss Be carefull not to forget !Important because it want work .bigicons{ background-image:url("images/back64.png") !important; width:64px !important; height:64px !important; } grid->ExtEvents->OnResize function OnResize(sender, adjWidth, adjHeight, rawWidth, rawHeight) { var tb=sender.getDockedItems('toolbar[dock="bottom"]');; if(tb){//if has toolbar if (tb.length > 0) tb = tb[0]; tb.height=74;//resize all the toolbar if(tb.items.get(0)){//this is the first item of the toolbar (go to first page) tb.items.get(0).height=64; tb.items.get(0).width=64; //tb.items.get(0).hide(); //you can also hide a button tb.items.get(0).setIconCls('bigicons');//this is the css class witch puts the new icon... } } } I hope this helps someone....
  11. TNT23

    Mobile browser screen size

    You can use ClientEvents->ExtEvents->OnResize function window.OnResize(sender, width, height) { ajaxRequest(sender, 'screensize', ['width='+width,'height='+height] ); } And do what ever you want in the form implementing OnAjaxEvent of the form procedure TMainForm.UniFormAjaxEvent(Sender: TComponent; EventName: string; Params: TStrings); begin if(EventName='screensize') Then Caption:=Params.Values['width']; End;
  12. TNT23

    HowTo: Close all active forms

    You can to somenthing like this for I := 0 to UniApplication.UniSession.FormsList.Count-1 do Begin if TUniForm(UniApplication.UniSession.FormsList.Items).ClassType<>TMainForm then //TMainForm Is the class of the form that you dont want to close TUniForm(UniApplication.UniSession.FormsList.Items).Close; End;
  13. I found the solution for the database problem and its working like a charm.. Add the code of the previous post and then just add a dummy value to your query eg. : SELECT -1 as id,'' as descr from dummy union all select id, descr FROM books ; You can now search the unidblookupcombobox list values and CLEAR the data, also if value not in list lookup will get previous value ...
  14. For those having problems allowing empty value or the selection of only items in list with incremental search in an editable DBLookupComboBox... (i was one too ) Add to the DBLookupCombobox -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> OnAfterrender function OnAfterrender(sender){ sender.allowBlank=true; sender.editable = true;//This allows you to edit the DBLookupCombobox sender.forceSelection=true;//This line allows only item in list to be selected sender.beforeBlur= function(){ var value = this.getRawValue(); if(value == ''){ this.lastSelection = []; } this.doQueryTask.cancel(); this.assertValue(); } } I face a problem on setting null value to the coresponding field at server because the above trick does not set null value to field. I tryed and an ajax request to achieve the update.. but it keeps the last keyfieldvalue of the field.. if anyone can help
  15. TNT23

    Ribbons Demo

    And one with a group using a panel RibbonsDemo3.rar