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Deployment folder

Bennie Coetzer

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I struggle a bit to get my application deployed on another machine. (Amazon EC2)


I installed "fmsoft_unigui_extjs_0.93.0.996_setup.exe" (Was this necessary or could I only copy the ext files?)  on the other machine as well as my dll, set up Apache and the DB Server - the exe works fine on the other machine.  When running the dll from a browser it just does nothing and I think the problem is with the location of the Ext JS files.


From your help it appears that I should leave the ExtRoot field blank and then put all the files that are in

                     C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Framework\uniGUI\ext 

in a folder by my application.


Should this be a folder called





Also I don't have an ext folder, only a ext-4.1.1a

Is this the same and will the app pick it up?


Last question, which files in ext-4.1.1a should I deploy and which can I leave?

The files required for an installation, are these the ones in the folder ext-4.1.1a and could I just set my ExtRoot field to point to this folder?




Please help - I am almost there.

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