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  1. What is the difference between a free form and an application form? It appears that a form's create is called when it is requested to be shown. Can the create be executed without it being shown? It seems there is a new version of uniGUI. Will it run on XE3? Is it necessary to upgrade? Is there some documentation regarding the actual operation of uniGUI. I struggle to make sense of the logic and would rather not delve into the source code.
  2. I can't be sure exactly what happens but a form that is supposed to show the content of the database record plus images from the record is not visible, but it does not crash. This leads me to believe that the form is there but not showing. When running from the local host or the IDE there is no problem. With regards to the OnCreate, there is nowhere that I create the form so I assume uniGui creates it at some point. Maybe I should rather create it myself when needed. I will investigate the demo Dynamic
  3. Hi I have an app that accesses a Firebird database to display data and images. When running under the IDE or locally via the browser (Port 8077) it works fine. When I run it on a local LAN via Apache it rns and accesses the data but does not open the form which contains the images. Can you please explain how forms are created in uniGui as it appears that the onCreate event is execute when the form is shown (at least in the IDE version). Understanding this may assist in finding the form under Apache. Also, can one create a uniGui form on the fly, as needed? Regards
  4. I struggle a bit to get my application deployed on another machine. (Amazon EC2) I installed "fmsoft_unigui_extjs_0.93.0.996_setup.exe" (Was this necessary or could I only copy the ext files?) on the other machine as well as my dll, set up Apache and the DB Server - the exe works fine on the other machine. When running the dll from a browser it just does nothing and I think the problem is with the location of the Ext JS files. From your help it appears that I should leave the ExtRoot field blank and then put all the files that are in C:\Program Files\FMSoft\Fram
  5. Hi Gerhard I am not sure which error log you are referring to. The application starts successfully but as soon as a connection to the DBs is attempted, it hangs. After a long while it comes back with Ajax error, the server is unavailable, try again later I use 32 bit Delphi with Firebird 2.5 and Apache 2.4. For the database connections I use the Interbase/Firebird components from Devart. What is weird is that both the exe and the standalone server version run perfectly, just the dll seems to hang up. Thanks
  6. Hi, I have created a uniGUI application which works fine (ie connecting to a database) when working from Delphi GUI both with and without the Standalone server. However, as soon as I deploy it (both on a LAN or remote server) it seems to miss the DB server ( I get an Ajax error). It did work for a while but for some reason stopped and I don't know how to trace it. Any suggestions on how to trace such an error? Regards
  7. Hi I have registered with Amazon EC2 but feel quite intimidated. I assume I have to use an AMI but which of the +1700 is the best for an Apache server, uniGUI application and Firebird database all running ion Windows. How does one select the right one. Also must I provide an Operating system for this deployment or is that part of the AMI? If there is any advice specific to uniGUI and my requirements that would be useful as omst advice appears to be for UNIX, etc.
  8. Hi I am very new at this hosting business. I have built a uniGUI application which is based on a Firebird Database which I can run successfully on an Apache Server across a LAN. I now wish to make this available over the Internet so I require a hosting service. Firstly I would like to experiment on a free service if that is possible. How do I determine if they will run an Apache Server and configure it to my alias where my dll will reside. I assume any web server can be cofigured for this. How do I get them to configure the server to run an ISAPI module How do I get them to run a Fireb
  9. When running on the desktop my application runs fine. However when running from the s/a server it seems not to show some forms (application forms) Is there a possible explanation for this. Also, closing a form does not work the same as in the desktop.
  10. When creating a new form or data module, what is the difference between an application form and a free form?
  11. Eureka - Website works from any computer on local network. Some questions: If I want this to run on a server on the web, what is involved. Does one contact a service provider that hosts a site and merely put your stuff in there in a particular folder with some sort of alias? Is access to the site always by naming the .dll? How is the local IPv4 address changed to become a world wide IP address?
  12. Do I need to set something else other than commenting out the $define UNIGUI_VCL as it only creates an .exe!
  13. OK, I am moving forward. So far I can create a Delphi application and run it using the uniGUI server through my browser. To complete my trial I now need to be able to run it remotely on another computer running Apache 2.4 web server. I have modified the https.conf file as shown in the documentation but when I run it locally I only run an html index file. I have the following questions I do not understand the alias command in httpd.conf - it sets some variable to a path. Is this the path to the isapi dll? How do I run that variable? How does it know which dll to run: is it part of
  14. Thanks - it was set to true - not sure why.
  15. Looks like it still is not easy. I am trying to create an environment where I can test on the desktop but for some reason fail to achieve this. It is clearly possible as your demos demonstrate this. I have created a new application with the app wizard but regardless of which project type I select it doesn't run on the desktop, only from the browser. Could this have something to do with the fact that I use a different project folder than the default? I see no difference in the basic code of my app and the dblookup_xe2 demo. Maybe there is a setting of a component that I am not aware of.
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