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UniDBLookupCombobox Editable and Empty Value And value not in list


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For those having problems allowing empty value or the selection of only items in list with incremental search in an editable DBLookupComboBox... (i was one too :rolleyes: ) Add to the DBLookupCombobox -> ClientEvents -> ExtEvents -> OnAfterrender 

function OnAfterrender(sender){ 
sender.editable = true;//This allows you to edit the DBLookupCombobox 
sender.forceSelection=true;//This line allows only item in list to be selected
sender.beforeBlur= function(){ 
var value = this.getRawValue(); 
if(value == ''){
this.lastSelection = []; 

I face a problem on setting null value to the coresponding field at server because the above trick does not set null value to field. I tryed and an ajax request to achieve the update.. but it keeps the last keyfieldvalue of the field.. if anyone can help :(

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I found the solution for the database problem and its working like a charm.. :)

Add the code of the previous post and then just add a dummy value to your query

eg. : SELECT -1 as id,'' as descr  from dummy union all select id, descr FROM books ;

You can now search the unidblookupcombobox list values and CLEAR the data, also if value not in list lookup will get previous value ...


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