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Saving data to database problem


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Hello, I'd like to know if somebody is having problem when saving data from datagrid to database.

The problem is that when I save data in a datagrid and then I make a query to the same table I can't see the change that I made but when I close the Form I can see the change that I made in the datagrid.

Is like the grid work like client dataset and when the close it make a ApplyUpdate.

Is there any way to save the data from the dbgrid immediately to the database.

Please help me with these Issue.





Ronny Encarnacion 




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Hi Ronny,


This is a classic case of cachedupdates somewhere along the line.


1. What database access technology are you using?

2. Ensure you don't have cachedupdates or something similar set on the data access object.

3. Check very very well. Somewhere something is somehow caching the updates and its being applied when the the form closes.





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