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  1. I had asked/have requested this a long time ago. It would really be good to have.
  2. Hello @Sherzod, Back to this issue after 2 years!:-) Any updates on how to ONLY send the updates when I click a single button?
  3. Using the code you provided, I can make the changes on the grid clientside. When I am done I can then click a button on the grids form and send all changes made to the grid to the server.
  4. Thanks for your prompt replies @delphideveloper I want a situation where it doesn't contact the server until I explicitly want it to. Say I need to process 5 columns for 4 rows, with this I will hit the server 20 times in total. What I want is to hit the server just once, when I am done and I click a button 'Save' on the grid's form. Is there no way to delay the grids synchronization until when saving or manually trigger the synchronization? Kind regards.
  5. @DelphiDeveloper, This works, but it still has to contact the server :-( Can't I have a scenario where the server is not contacted until I click on the save button, when I am done processing?
  6. Perfect! You the men. Lost some hair trying to get this to work.
  7. Hi, How can I update the value of a particular cell of a row using Javascript on the client and still have the value submitted to the server on grid post? I have tried: store = frm.dbg.store r = getAt(0) r[0] = 'new value' r.commit() // at this point, the data shows in the grid When I do a save of the grid using the navigators save button, the new data entered, and displayed on the grid, is not saved to the server. Doing a normal data edit on the grid saves any grid changes. What am I missing?
  8. Hi All, I have a form where the user is supposed to chose from a total of 18 comboboxes (cmb). Each of the cmb has the same set of data in the items list. Now the user is expected to select different options for the 18 cmbs. 1. If I load all the 9 cmbs at the server during form creation, I have a feeling that the amount of memory used will be wasted as I am basically repeating the same set of data, almost 50 rows, 18 times over - giving a total of 900 rows!!! I expect this app to be in use by more than 1500 people SIMULTANEOUSLY. The Server has memory, but I like proper design if I can
  9. Hi Farshad, 1. How unique are the sessionid's? If I run the UniGUI application 1000 times, what is the guarantee that the sessionid generated will be unique? 2. If the uniqueness is not guaranteed, is it possible to have my own sessionids generated and assigned? There is no function exposed for when a session is started. In the oncreate event of the mainmodule, the sessionid has already been assigned and I was getting all kinds of errors when I assigned a value there. Note: followed this and didn't find where, if any, the issue was added/fixed. http://forums.unigui.com/index.php?/
  10. Hi All, Just saw the updates to this post! I had configured to be notified when this post is updated, but guess it didn't work out. @Zilav: will send in a couple of hours. Kind regards.
  11. Hi Ronny, This is a classic case of cachedupdates somewhere along the line. 1. What database access technology are you using? 2. Ensure you don't have cachedupdates or something similar set on the data access object. 3. Check very very well. Somewhere something is somehow caching the updates and its being applied when the the form closes. Regards. Eldad
  12. Hi All, Got stock UniKendoDataViz for work. Versions: UniGUI: Version:0.93.1 build 999 Delphi: XE2 TUniKendoDataViz: stock version above Edits: 1. Constructor: constructor TUniKendoDataViz.Create(HostFrame: TUniHTMLFrame); var p: TWinControl; begin HTMLFrame := HostFrame; DOM_ID := HTMLFrame.JSName + '_id'; p := HTMLFrame.Parent; while not ((p is TUniForm) or (p is TUniFrame)) do p := p.Parent; AjaxHandler := p.Name + '.' + HTMLFrame.Name; HTMLFrame.OnAjaxEvent := UniHTMLFrameAjaxEvent; Series := TStringList.Create; Properties := TStringList.Create; S
  13. eono

    Host Files in CDN

    I would want the js files currently served and used by UG, that is all files in the ext.x.y.z folder, to be hosted on a cdn eg: cachefly. This will allow the UG application not to be serving static files. I currently use the embedded server for production applications. It has served well, but I want it to be snappier as it wastes time serving static UG files. What I meant here is that I dont want to have to use ISAPI since this allows me to host the UG js files externally.
  14. eono

    Host Files in CDN

    Is it possible to host UG files in a cdn eg cachefly? This will make the UG app very lean and focus on handling core business logic and presentation, and not be saddled with hosting static files. I also do not want to have to setup IIS/Apache and use ISAPI module. Kind regards.
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