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TUniDateTimePicker, TUniDBDateTimePicker null date - 30/12/1899


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I have an annoying problem, which seems to be quite popular in many Frameworks.


I am writing an application that loads records from a database where, in general, datetime data (timestamps) are nullable. When I display null values using a DateTimePicker i get "30/12/1899" which is an awful default for NULL. All I want is a blank DateTimePicker Field.


So far, the only (not) acceptable workaround I've found is to change the dateformat to "  /  /    " in case of nulls and then reset it to default when the user (or some automatic routine) changes the value to some valid datetime.


Something like:


void __fastcall TFormMain::UniDateTimePicker1Change(TObject *Sender)
	  UniDateTimePicker1->DateFormat=L"  /  /    ";


Following this approach, I have to intercept all the events (not only OnChange) that may trigger from any datetimepicker component that I put in my application. I do not wish to do that, because I am a lazy programmer :|


Any ideas?

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Thanks Farshad,


setting UniDateTimePicker->DateTime to 0.0 shows a blank date. But this does not seem to work with UniDBDateTimePicker. I tried to manually set the corresponding data field to 0.0, but the component keeps showing 30/12/1899. Can you tell me why?  

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